Visitor Parking is provided in groups throughout the Cluster for your convenience with the following restrictions.  (See Lakeport Cluster Association Handbook for specific details.)
  • Parking (even partially) in front of a home, without explicit permission of that owner, is prohibited.

  • Yellow curbs designate fire lanes.  Vehicles parked on them will be subject to towing.

  • No trailers, boats, go-karts, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, nor campers may remain parked overnight.

  • Any vehicle left on Cluster common property for more than fourteen (14) days is considered abandoned and subject to towing.

  • Any vehicle without current tags left on Cluster common property for more than forty eight (48) hours is subject to towing.

Getting Here

    Follow these directions or use the map at the bottom of the page.

    ...from WEST (Herndon/IAD)Take Dulles Tollway (267) east
    Turn right onto Whiele Avenue, exit #13
    Turn left onto Sunrise Valley Drive
    Turn right onto Lakeport Way (4th right)

    ...from EAST (DC/Beltway)
    Take Dulles Tollway (267) west
    Turn left onto Hunter Mill Road, exit #14
    Turn right onto Sunrise Valley Drive
    Turn left onto Lakeport Way (1st left after South Lakes)

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