Cluster Standards

As a Reston homeowner, before changing the exterior appearance to your home, you are required to acquire the approval of the Reston Design Review Board (DRB). There are exceptions, but you can avoid costly rework and/or difficulty in selling your house by submitting an application and getting your project approved before starting the work. Trusting the words of salespersons or doing what your neighbor did may not be a wise strategy. 

The best place to get started is at the DRB section of the Reston Association (RA) website. Reston Association Design Guidelines for Cluster Housing  can be found here. You will probably need to fill out a DRB application form, which can be found here.

If the RA Design Guidelines at the above website are followed, approval should be easy. Often, if a simple replacement or refinishing is desired, an application is not needed or its handling is expedited. 

Reston Association Covenants Advisors are available to provide insight and advice to homeowners.  More information on the role of Advisors can be found hereTalk to the Advisor for our cluster if you have any questions. As of Fall 2017, Vern James ( is Lakeport’s Advisor.

In some cases, the Design Guidelines refer to Cluster Standards. To date, your Board of Directors prepared and acquired DRB approval of the following Lakeport Standards.
In cases where the materials needed are no longer manufactured, your cluster board has acquired or will aquire DRB approval of a suitable replacement that is specified in the appropriate standard.

Exterior changes that are not specifically covered by the cluster standards may still need approval by Reston Association's Design review Board (DRB).  

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