Our community is governed by the Lakeport Cluster Association (LCA) with a set of regulations, standards, and governing documents, some from LCA and some from the Reston Association (RA). 

A. Design Standards and Related Resources

Before committing to any changes to the outside of your home or landscaping, read "Getting Started", check the Lakeport Cluster Standards (#1) and the RA Cluster Property Guidelines (#2), and submit an official application for Design Review Board approval (#3), if needed. Read the RA Design Review Overview (#4) for an overview of the Reston Design Review objectives. If modifying landscaping, consult landscape related guidelines (#5-#9). 

  1. Lakeport Cluster Standards
    • LCA standards for many housing elements
  2. RA Cluster Property Guidelines
    • Use RA guidelines if Lakeport Standard doesn't exist
  3. RA Design Review Board Application Form
    • Application form to request DRB approval for changes (download to get fillable version of the form)
    • DRB applications should be sent to Charlotte Smith, RA’s Covenants Advisor for Lakeport, at or (703) 673-2037. It’s a good idea to consult with Charlotte and send her any questions before you submit your signed application.
  4. RA Guideline on Tree Removal
    • Guidelines for removal and replacement of trees
  5. RA Guideline for Landscaping
    • Guidelines on landscaping (mulch, retaining walls, plants, etc.)
  6. RA List of Recommended Trees
    • Trees that are recommended
  7. RA List of Trees and Plants to Avoid
    • Problems plants not recommended
  8. RA Guidelines for Trees and Shrubs
    • Information about planting shrubs and trees
B. Lakeport Regulations
  1. Lakeport Cluster Association Handbook
    • Rules for cluster living and common areas
  2. Tables of charges per Handbook, Appendix A
    • Charges for assessments, fee, administrative charges
C. Lakeport Governing Documents
  1. Bylaws
    • Defines a member of the Association, Board of Directors, and the rights and responsibilities of each. Effective 2020. 
  2. Reserve Study
    • Elements on common property with schedule and costs for replacement
  3. Articles of Incorporation
    • Charter to establish Lakeport Cluster Association. Filed in 2007. 
  4. Incorporation Certificate
    • Certificate for Lakeport Cluster Association, approved in August 2007. 
  5. Deeds of Dedication
  6. Personal Obligation for Assessments and Costs of Collection and Returned Checks
    • Referendum approved by owners on September 2019.
D. Lakeport Board Documents
  1. Meeting Agenda
  2. Meeting Minutes

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