Below are some links to helpful information. Something missing? Send questions or suggestions to the board:
  1. Neighborhood Directory
    • Names, addresses, phone numbers of your neighbors.
    • New resident? Add your contact information via this form
  2. Trash Pickup
    • Schedules, contact info.
  3. HOA Fee Payment
    • Paying your quarterly HOA cluster fee.
  4. Parking, Speed Limits
    • Rules for parking, speed for residents and visitors.
  5. Maintenance Resources
    • Checklists for home maintenance, vendor lists.
  6. Tree Pruning Calendar
    • Chart with best times to prune your trees. 
  7. Disaster Preparedness
    • A plan you and your family should create.
  8. Social Activities
    • Social functions for residents of Lakeport.
  9. Helpful Articles from Ripples
    • Earlier versions of Ripples, good articles.
  10. Cluster Governance
    • How Lakeport is run. 
  11. Resale Documents
    • What to do when you sell your home. 

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