2023 Candidates

Rich Rosenberg

"I now have a couple of years’ experience on the board, and thus some familiarity with the issues that arise. I’m willing to continue a bit longer because I had been living here for 20 years without contributing my fair share to this important community responsibility. I think my writing skills and my long-ago experience as a lawyer have been somewhat useful for the board’s work. Like the other current members, I put a high premium on a kind, cooperative, and collegial approach to our responsibilities. " 

Stephen Sapp

"After growing up in Asheville, NC, I earned three degrees from Duke University, where I met Mary, my wife of 53 years. We spent five wonderful years in Naples, FL, while I was associate pastor of a large Presbyterian church before moving to Miami for the next 34 years. As a faculty member in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Miami, I taught primarily in the area of biomedical ethics, specializing in end-of-life issues and aging and spirituality. In 2015, we moved to Lakeport at the invitation of our son and daughter-in-law to be “a regular and constant presence in the life” of our grandson Beckett, and later granddaughter Lowell."

"While at UM, I served in a number of administrative positions in which I gained a great deal of experience that I can call upon as a member of Lakeport’s Board: I chaired my department for 14 years, the Faculty Senate for 3 years, and the Social and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board for 4 years. Outside the University, I was president of our homeowners association for 19 years, chaired the Biomedical Ethics Committee of Miami Children’s Hospital for 18 years, and was founding president (and later president again) of the Greater Miami Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association."

"As a member of Lakeport’s Board, I intend to use my abilities, training, and experience to continue to enhance our sense of community (which I have done for the past six years as editor of Lakeport’s quarterly newsletter Ripples) and to maintain the attractiveness of our property (as I have done by participating in most of the Landscape Committee’s projects and workdays since I moved here)."

Tod Vollrath

"I’ve been part of the community for over two years and its time to give back. I’ve been a condo owner for 15 plus years and held a couple different roles on the condo board to include Treasurer, which exposed me to the importance of sticking to the operational budget and reserve study."

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