Board's Goals

Goals of the Lakeport Cluster Board of Directors

January 23, 2020

The Lakeport Board of Directors strives to deliver value to Cluster residents by pursuing the following goals.

VALUE: Protect and increase resident property values.  Maintain an attractive environment through pleasant landscaping, comprehensive design standards, and policies and services that keep the Cluster environment clean, orderly, and in a state of good repair.  Promote the value of the Cluster to outside parties.  Ensure that the annual assessment and budget are adequate to accomplish these objectives.

RESPONSIBILITY: Develop responsible financial plans and budgets.  Ensure that service providers (e.g., leaf removal, landscaping, and the management company) are of high quality and reasonable cost.  Protect and use Cluster assets in a responsible manner.  Take into account property maintenance costs when developing, changing and enforcing Cluster design standards.

COMMUNICATION:  Provide residents with timely and informative communications about Board business matters and decisions through low-cost means (e.g., web site and e-mail).

COMMUNITY:  Welcome new residents.  Organize social events and other activities that promote a greater sense of community.

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