Disaster Preparedness Plan

Statistics show that 90% of all survivors of disasters are rescued by other survivors. It may be up to you to save the life of another or you may depend on your neighbors to rescue you or your loved ones. The human psyche likes to delude itself by thinking “it can never happen to me [or here]”; yet Lakeport is vulnerable to a range of potential disasters, and experts agree it’s not a question of “if” but “when.”

If Fairfax County happened to be hit with an area-wide disaster (think derecho, tornado, or other epic weather event; area-wide loss of power for an extended period; or some of the more plausible sci-fi movie scenarios), the County would not have the resources to respond to every individual need right away. Therefore, the County has encouraged each community to develop our own disaster recovery plans and inventories of resources to take care of families within our communities during the interim until the County can respond (probably three days or longer). Consider this plan somewhat like property insurance—it’s reassuring to have but you hope you never have to use it.

To that end, the Lakeport Board has created this web site to provide information that will help if that situation were ever to arise. It includes the following, some of which you may want to print now (the power may go out during a disaster):

If we should happen to experience an area-wide disaster: 

  • First ensure the safety of your own family members and home.
  • Review the steps in the Disaster Preparedness guide. 
  • Tape a sign onto your front door or garage signaling your status (“OK” or “Help”). 
  • Please check with your neighbors to ensure they are safe (if you are able, call them if they are out of town to find out their plans). 
  • Monitor local TV and radio broadcasts for updates and emergency information. 

Other planning resources:

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