Landscape Committee Charter

[pdf version]

The Landscape Committee shall work with the Board to preserve and to enhance the landscape of the community. The committee shall assess the landscaping needs of the cluster’s common areas and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for enhancements and maintenance of this landscaping. 

  1. Membership: 
    1. The Landscape Committee shall have a chair appointed by the Board.
    2. A Board member shall be designated as the committee’s point of contact and serve as a member of the Landscape Committee. The Board point of contact, together with the Landscape Committee Chair, shall sign off on all landscaping proposals before they are referred to the Board for approval, and must also sign off on invoices for all approved proposals.
    3. The committee shall have at least two members and preferably include members living in different areas of Lakeport to monitor maintenance and landscape needs in the areas in which they live.
  2. Responsibilities:
    1. The committee shall meet as often as it determines to evaluate maintenance issues, landscape proposals from contractors, and requests from owners. 
    2. The committee shall develop recommendations for the Board’s review and approval.
    3. A written report of recommendations shall be provided to the Board at least one week prior to its meeting.
    4. The committee Chair shall designate points of contact for the cluster’s landscape maintenance company, arborist, and other landscape contractors. 
    5. The committee shall monitor the appearance of Lakeport common areas to ensure they are well maintained.
    6. The committee shall monitor the health of Lakeport trees, solicit proposals for tree work, and recommend to the Board actions for trees needing attention and, if relevant, their replacements. 
    7. The committee shall solicit and evaluate proposals for landscape enhancements and make recommendations to the Board that indicate whether proposed landscaping projects meet basic criteria (e.g., enhance landscaping, meet appropriate size and sun requirements, are resistant to disease and pests, have low requirements for watering and maintenance). 
    8. The committee shall serve as subject-matter experts and consultants for the Board on issues relating to landscaping. 
    9. The committee shall ensure that projects are within budget and that contracts and proposals have the signature of the Board President.
    10. The committee shall develop a Landscape Committee Manual, update it as needed, and send proposed changes to the Board for approval. 

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