Maintenance Committee Charter

[pdf version]

The Maintenance Committee shall work with the Board of Directors to preserve and enhance the physical elements of the cluster. Each year, the committee shall assess the maintenance needs of the common areas, perform any repairs and maintenance that they can do themselves, and make recommendations to the Board for projects requiring an outside contractor or a major expense.

  1. Membership: 
    1. The Maintenance Committee shall have a chair appointed by the Board. 
    2. A Board member shall be designated as the committee’s point of contact and serve as a member of the Maintenance Committee. 
    3. The committee shall have at least two members.
  2. Responsibilities:
    1. The committee shall monitor maintenance needs of the community by performing annual inspections of Lakeport’s common property, including the dock, floating dock, bulkhead, roads, sidewalks and curbs, fences, retaining walls and railings, rock walls, site lighting, mailboxes, and other physical property elements. 
    2. The committee shall perform routine small repairs and periodic maintenance of these physical assets (e.g., pressure washing, sealing, cleaning, painting) within budget. They shall also identify appropriate projects for volunteers to help with on periodic community-wide work days. 
    3. The committee shall make recommendations to the Board, and if needed help write Requests for Proposals, for contracted work on larger projects and alert the Board about the need to budget for any future large projects. 
    4. The committee shall serve as “subject-matter experts” and consultants for the Board on any issues relating to repairs and maintenance. 
    5. The committee shall report to the Board and write articles for Lakeport’s electronic newsletter about maintenance projects completed or planned. 

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