Neighborhood Watch Committee Charter

[pdf version]

The Neighborhood Watch committee shall work with the Board of Directors to implement strategies to maintain Lakeport as a safe community, following the objectives of the National Neighborhood Watch Program. 

  1. Membership: 
    1. The Neighborhood Watch Committee shall have a chair appointed by the Board.  The chair shall serve as Lakeport’s liaison with local law enforcement.
    2. A Board member shall be designated as the committee’s point of contact and serve as a member of the Neighborhood Watch Committee. 
    3. The committee shall have at least two members.
  2. Responsibilities:
    1. The Committee shall offer the Board strategies for maintaining Lakeport as a safe community.
    2. The Committee shall serve as subject-matter experts on issues relating to security and crime prevention. 
    3. The committee will research and recommend strategies to enhance the overall security of Lakeport.  Strategies may include recruiting residents to serve as trained neighborhood observers, holding public awareness events, offering training opportunities, engaging local law enforcement, and evaluating the security of the physical environment.
    4. The Committee shall educate and encourage residents to practice crime prevention techniques and serve as confident guardians of the community by observing and reporting suspicious and criminal activity.
    5. The Committee shall contribute relevant articles, information, and oral briefings to Lakeport’s community-wide communications.

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