Trash Collection and Recycling

Trash Pickup from American Disposal Service
  • Trash - pickup on Thursdays.
  • Recycling (paper, plastic, cans, no glass) - pickup on Thursdays.
  • Yard Debris - pickup on Thursdays.
    • Residents are responsible for bagging leaves on their properties for ADS to pick up.
    • Leaves and yard waste need to be put out by the curb on Thursdays in paper yard waste bags. (Fairfax county banned plastic bags for yard waste as of March 1 2021) or in a personal container marked "Yard Debris". 
    • Limbs and brush must be no longer than 4-5 feet long and 3 inches in diameter.
    • Concrete, rocks, sod and dirt are not accepted.

  • The contractor provides a trash container and a recycling container to each residence. Please do not write or paint on the trashcans or recycling bins. One exception:  ADS permits owners to label their containers with their house numbers as long as the label is not permanent. They suggested using stick-on house numbers like those used on mailboxes. Lost, stolen, or damaged trashcans are subject to a $75.00 fee. Lost, stolen or damaged recycling bins are subject to a $10.00 fee. All trash cans and recycling bins remain the property of American Disposal Services.
  • Service is provided for household waste only. Construction and remodeling debris are not household waste. Paint, stain and gas containers are not accepted and are considered hazardous waste. Trash set out to the curb must be in leak-proof metal or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. For periods of up to 12 hours, heavy-duty plastic bags securely closed at the top may be used. Special pick-ups can be made for larger items. Please call in advance for pricing and to schedule.
  • American Disposal Services (703) 368-0500,

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