Neighborhood Watch Schedule

While crime may be up in some areas, it's not at Lakeport Cluster.  This is in part thanks to our Neighborhood Watch team that patrols the cluster looking for and reporting suspicious activities. 

Upcoming patrol calendar
    29-31 Jan	Sandy & Dick L.
05-07 Feb Valerie & Clarence D.
12-14 Feb Linda R. & Marston M.
19-21 Feb James P. & Carol L.
26-28 Feb Kristen B. & Kent. B.
05-07 Mar Sharon C. & Marilyn B.
12-14 Mar Helene M. & Mary O.
19-21 Mar Steig H. & Tom J.
26-28 Mar Jesse & Elizabeth V.
02-04 Apr Liz & Gil B.
09-11 Apr Paul & Cookie C.
16-18 Apr Wanda & Paul T.
23-25 Apr Kristina O. & Nick I.
30 Apr-02 May James P. & Karen C.

If you'd like to contribute a little time toward keeping Lakeport Cluster safe, please contact Sandy Laeser.

In addition, please visit the link below to access the Fairfax County Police newsletter service center to sign up to receive The Reston Reliance:

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