Unknown Car, Holiday Lights Award, Dock Committee & More!

Hello Neighbors!

I hope you all are staying warm and cozy during this spate of unusually cold weather. Lakeport is a community of folks from all over the country--all over the world! And while some of us are fretful and shivering in our snow boots, many are laughing and saying "snow? what snow?!" We may get a few storms yet this year, so if you're a neighbor who likes the frost and flakes, please help a friend who may be daunted by them. Working together, we can keep Lakeport safe, welcoming, and warm.

Unidentified and Unmoved Vehicle
A resident of our cluster has reported an unknown vehicle parked without movement in a common space for some time now. The car is an older model Buick Century, registered in Maryland, and tag number is LBF-251. Can someone please identify this vehicle as their own, or belonging to a friend or neighbor? The vehicle is reported to be sitting in this space since at least January 27, 2014.

While we have many friends and relatives visiting this time of year, Lakeport has only forty-seven (47) common area parking spaces distributed throughout the Cluster to handle overflow, guests, and visitors. We need to work together to make sure that these common parking spaces are utilized equitably. Car storage and car abandonment in cluster common spaces is not neighborly, and not allowed. As noted in the cluster bylaws, a vehicle not moved during a period of fourteen (14) days is considered a stored vehicle and subject to towing. Let's avoid that drastic measure!

Committee Meetings
The Lakeport Dock Committee held a meeting on Saturday, February 1 at the home of Lakeport Board Member, Stu Allen. An analysis, survey, report, and recommendations for reconstruction will be forming over the coming months. If you're interested in being a part of this effort, please email secretary@lakeportcluster.org. This is a very big job and we appreciate all the help and expertise we can rally!

The Lakeport Welcome Committee came together in late January to assemble welcome baskets for our new neighbors. Thank you to Marcy Foster, Annabelle Hammer, Carol Leos, Joy Myers, and Sharon Corriveau for lending your helping hands and super style! Want to join the Welcome Committee? Well, we'd welcome you! Email secretary@lakeportcluster.org.

New Management Company
Our new community management company, Millenium Management, has made community contact. A letter of introduction and an auto-draft form for dues payment was sent around at the beginning of February. If you did not receive your form, or have questions about Millenium, please contact board@lakeportcluster.org and we'll do our best to respond. 
(Note: Millenium Management does spell their name with two L's and one N.)

Share the LOVE! Seeking A Host/Hostess for Cluster Happy Hour
We're looking for a host for our February/March Lakeport Cluster Happy Hour! If you're willing to open your home to your neighbors for a night of camaraderie, please email secretary@lakeportcluster.org.

Coming Soon to South Lakes--Red's Table!
Our own Chuck Foster tipped us off to this Patch article on the new diggs at the former Lakeside Inn. Thanks, Chuck!  http://www.restonnow.com/2014/01/10/reston-brothers-team-up-to-open-restaurant-in-lakeside-inn-space/

Lights Competition Winners Receive Award!
At our January Lakeport Board meeting, Holiday Lights Competition winners Jaclyn and Devin (1950 Lakeport Way) received their holiday light trophy! Here they are accepting their award! Thanks again Jaclyn and Devin for all your hard work helping to make our Lakeport community shine!

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