Getting to Know Your Neighbors

By Liz Blankespoor, Social Committee Chair

After a winter lull, Lakeporters are once again ready to mix and mingle.

C:\Users\Mary Sapp\Dropbox\Personal\Lakeport\Ripples\wine-and-cheese-pairing-guide-2.jpgWe’ll kick the social season off with a TGIF hosted by Michelle Simoneau and Michel Zimet, 1934 Lakeport Way, on Friday, April 14, starting at 6:00 pm.  Beverages will be provided, but you are asked to kindly bring an appetizer. Running too late to pick something up? Just bring yourself. This is a great way to meet your neighbors.

Like Wine? You know a white from a red, but what on earth do earthy, foxy, texture, bouquet, and complexity have to do with it? Join our newly-formed Lakeport Wine Club and find out. Dave Mackie of the Wine Cabinet will discuss varietals (i.e., grapes) at our first meeting, “An Introduction to Wine,” on Wednesday, March 29, 7:00 pm at 2003 Lakeport Way. This is sure to be an exciting new club so we hope you will attend. Please RSVP to

How about a home tour? Several homeowners have already expressed interest. Would you be willing to add your home to the list?

And for our young Lakeporters...

C:\Users\Mary Sapp\Dropbox\Personal\Lakeport\Ripples\egg hunt.jpgThe Easter Bunny will be hopping through our cluster on Saturday, April 1 (rain date Sunday, April 2), leaving a trail of eggs behind her. All children are welcome to join the hunt, starting from Triangle Park at 10:30.

Do you have any suggestions for clubs/social activities? Ideas for various clubs have been floated; we just need to determine interest. Please let us know if you would like to join any of the following clubs: card clubs (bridge, poker, etc.), history club, mah jongg club, play-reading club, and dinner club. And as mentioned above, how about a Lakeport house tour?

Please submit any ideas/suggestions to  

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