Summer Socializing

By Liz Blankespoor, Social Committee Chair

C:\Users\Mary Sapp\Dropbox\Personal\Lakeport\Ripples\wine-and-cheese-pairing-guide-2.jpgLiz and David Flemming, 1971 Lakeport Way, have graciously agreed to host our next TGIF on Friday, August 25, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. They will provide the beverages, but you are kindly asked to bring an appetizer. Working too late to pick something up? Just bring yourself—getting folks together is more important than the food, and there is always more than enough. Please mark your calendars now, and there will be a reminder sent out closer to the date.

Members of the Social Committee were gobsmacked by the lack of interest in a Wine Tasting Evening and can attribute it only to a lack of awareness of this event. At this time, we do not have another wine evening scheduled, but Liz Blankespoor will gladly organize one if there is enough interest (i.e., more than two people). Please let her know.

If you have any ideas for social events or would like to join the Social Committee, please send an email to

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