Thanks to Volunteers

Image result for thank you imagesPlease take time to thank your neighbors for their efforts to make Lakeport a better place to live. If you’d like to volunteer your time to help your community, please let the Board or a committee chair know—it’s a great way to get to know people.

  • Gil Blankespoor, former chair of the Landscape Committee, for his many, many hours as chair and his proactive attention to the care of our landscaping, including hand-watering to reduce costs for the association
  • Pete Hatfield for agreeing to serve as our new Landscape Committee chair and his work on the tree-trimming project and the RFP for landscape maintenance and snow removal
  • Erin Cloney for his work on getting our proposal for the new dock approved by the Reston Association Design Review Board (RA DRB)
  • Kelly Driscoll for his work leading to the approval by the RA DRB for a proposal to allow individual homeowners to replace their cedar siding with HardiePlank and his other work as the chair of Lakeport’s Standards Committee
  • Jerry Beiter for agreeing to chair and develop a new Disaster Recovery Committee and Carol Leos for attending a Fairfax Volunteers meeting to find out about this initiative
  • Chuck Foster for overseeing and professionalizing our Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Liz Blankespoor for chairing the Social Committee
  • Stephen Sapp for assuming the editorship of Ripples
  • Tom Barnett for maintaining the Lakeport website and our online directory, for sending out announcements via the listserv, and for posting Ripples each quarter
  • Sharon Corriveau for organizing our very successful garage sale
  • Michelle Simoneau and Michel Zimet for hosting our April TGIF
  • James Pan for organizing Lakeport’s Easter Egg Hunt each year
  • Pete Hatfield for buying white begonias for the planter by our entrance and to Stephen Sapp for planting and watering them
  • Steve Palmer and Jonathan Hammer for retrieving Safeway carts pushed off the dock by vandals
  • Annabelle Hammer for continuing to maintain our doggie bag dispensers and for cleaning up after the geese who visit our dock
  • Elena Simonenko for replacing burned-out street lights

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