Landscape Committee

by Pete Hatfield

We should consider ourselves blessed that, so far, the winter of 2017-2018 has been kind to us in terms of contracted snow removal. Engaging the plows as part of our grounds contract can be an expensive undertaking, which we have avoided to date because the applied salt-hybrid road treatment seems to have worked well. The sub-freezing temperatures we have endured, however, are another matter!
We are also fortunate—given the major “wind event” we experienced recently—that we had extensive tree pruning done last fall, including removal of several dead trees. If that work had not been done, we almost certainly would have suffered many more limbs and even trees down.

Last December a new dogwood and two arborvitae were planted on the left side of the Lakespray hill, and the stumps of the junipers that had been cut down next to Triangle Park were removed. The common areas were mulched last month.

Upcoming landscape activities will include the installation of new path bollards, replacement of plantings at the entrance ruined by the path repaving, spring flower plantings, continued maintenance of common areas, and of course planning for landscaping around our new dock!

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  1. Hello Pete, great article. I will need to have the trees out back trimmed on my property soon, as it looks like they have had any regular pruning for a few years. Let me know if you have a suggested arborists ?
    Thank you, Alison Yeloushan 11112 Lakespray Way