Proposal for New Lighting – Approval Requested at March 12 Meeting

C:\Users\Mary Sapp\Dropbox\Lakeport Board\Lights\BLEDR18N Bollard.JPGA Special Meeting of owners has been called for Monday, March 12, to approve a $21,000 expenditure for new lightning along the Reston Association walking path. The meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. at Reston Association Headquarters Conference Center, 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive (check-in starts at 6:30).

The proposal is to replace Lakeport’s 11 existing bollards and to improve lighting along the section of the RA path from the entrance down to the lake between 1923 Lakeport Way and 1925 Lakeport Way. The new bollards will have LED lights to minimize maintenance and are advertised as vandal resistant.

Reasons for the project:
  • Eleven of the new bollards will be replacements for 11 existing bollards that are deteriorating and that have been vandalized several times (to the point of being knocked flat). Furthermore, three of the existing bollards are located next to the Lakeport community dock, and our upcoming dock project will require that new bases and wiring be installed after the dock work is completed. 
  • The Board has received requests from residents to improve the lighting along a dark section of the RA path that goes down the hill between two retaining walls next to 1923 Lakeport Way and 1925 Lakeport Way (from the entrance at Lakeport Way down to Lake Thoreau before turning the corner to go beside the Lakeport community dock). The plan is to increase lighting by 1) adding a twelfth bollard at the top of the retaining wall adjacent to 1923 Lakeport Way; 2) installing a new light halfway down the hill, immediately next to one of the retaining walls; and 3) moving the bollard currently located at the bottom of the hill farther uphill so it’s closer to the bottom of the retaining wall.
  • Several of the bollards are currently inside RA’s easement for the path. Relocating them farther from the path will satisfy RA’s setback requirement, making snow removal and maintenance easier while protecting our bollards.
  • One of the bollards is very close to the property line with South Lakes Village, and this project allows us to re-position it so that it is clearly on Lakeport property. 

Proposed work:

  • Power Systems Electric (PSE) has proposed to use RAB bollards (see image above and to replace Lakeport’s eleven existing bollards. The new bollards were chosen because they are the most vandal-resistant of the options proposed in response to our RFP, and in light of the multiple incidents of vandalism of the bollards (and associated cost to repair), this was one of the most important criteria for our decision.  
  • Greenfield PL3TBL Weatherproof Electrical, 3 Tier Path Light, BlackPSE will also install a box next to the retaining wall beside the path to which a smaller light supplied by Lakeport Cluster can be attached. We plan to use a Greenfield PL3TBL (see image at left and because 1) the connection will work and 2) it is inexpensive enough that if it’s vandalized or doesn’t work well it can be replaced. 
  • New lights will be installed immediately after the dock project is completed and the walking trail next to the dock is opened. In fact, conduit and bases for the bollards next to the dock will be laid before the dock contractor puts in new sod. 

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