Design Standards Committee

As you may recall, a survey was sent to residents last February asking owners for their reactions to proposed changes to design standards related to roofs, front doors, and storm doors. Additional input was sought at a Special Meeting of owners in March. In response to the positive feedback, new versions of all of these standards were developed.

Roofs: Because some owners needed to repair their roofs after the windstorm, a new roof standard was developed first, and it was approved by RA’s Design Review Board (DRB) in April. From now on new roofs are required to use CertainTeed architectural shingles in the Landmark series, and shingles for all roofs must be the “Weathered Wood” color (see

Siding: At the suggestion of RA, a new siding standard was written that combines the two prior standards without any substantive changes (see It was also approved at the April DRB meeting.

Front Doors: Support for adding new options for front doors was also strong, and after researching additional possibilities, a new door standard was developed and will be reviewed by the DRB at its meeting on Tuesday, July 10 (at 7:00 p.m. at 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive).

Please note that all of the designs specified for front doors in the new standard are options, not requirements. The new standard continues to allow the three existing door designs (from the original construction), but makes the following changes:

  1. the standard for a solid door with vertical rectangular panels no longer specifies the number of panels, 
  2. the standard for a door with three vertical rounded lites has been changed to allow two or three vertical lites (see example at the left).
  3. a new option with a full-length rectangular window has been added (see example at the right). 

The new standard allows side lites and front doors with full-length rectangular windows to include internal blinds and/or any of the following glass treatments: beveled edges or a light amount of tinting for U/V protection and/or frosted, translucent, or textured glass (see some examples of textured glass below; more examples are included in the standard).

Storm Doors: The current Lakeport language relating to storm doors has been eliminated. This means that the RA standard for storm doors, which allows self-storing screens on front doors as well as back doors, prevails.

Rear Doors, Sliding Doors, and Garage Doors: No changes were made to standards for rear doors or sliding doors. In addition, no changes were made to the garage door standard, but the existing language for garage doors will be moved to a separate document so it’s easier to find.

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