Thank You to Our Volunteers

  • Paul Renard—for his role as the point of contact with the dock contractor
  • Erin Cloney—for updating several versions of the engineering plans and finalizing the quote for the floating dock 
  • Pete Hatfield—for his service over this past year as chair of the landscape committee at a time when he had a lot of landscape projects to deal with.
  • Pete Hatfield, Kevin Dandy, Jonathan Hammer, and Kay Quam for moving plants out of the work area for the excavator for the dock.
  • Pete Hatfield, Gil Blankespoor, Terrill Evon, Paul Yeloushan, and Stephen Sapp for their work planting liriope and pruning branches with canker off the Japanese holly hedge.
  • Don Nagley for watering arborvitae and dogwood (and Lola Miller for use of her water), Gail Pitches for taking over the arborvitae watering, Phong Nguyen for use of his water for plants in Triangle Park, Gil Blankespoor for watering new liriope by the path next to South Lakes Village, and Stephen Sapp for watering new liriope by Lakeport entrance. 
  • Paul Renard—for cutting some of the dead trees on common areas
  • Karen Cook—for agreeing to take over as landscape chair
  • Kelly Driscoll and Terrill Evon for their work on the new roofing standard approved by RA’s Design Review Board (DRB)
  • Kelly Driscoll and Sharon Corriveau for their work on the new front-door standard scheduled for review by RA’s Design Review Board (DRB)
  • Kelly Driscoll for combining two old siding standards into a new one approved by RA’s DRB
  • Marilyn Bursch for talking to the manager at Safeway about noise
  • Chuck Foster—for researching and writing a guide on how to observe and report criminal behavior, including tips for dealing with teens who may be doing something they shouldn’t, and for hosting a special session to discuss this matter
  • Annabelle Hammer—for maintaining doggie-bag stations and keeping the community dock clean, and Steven Browning for taking over the doggie-bag stations for the summer
  • Tom Barnett—for maintaining the Lakeport website and online directory, sending announcements, and posting Ripples
  • Stephen Sapp—for editing Ripples
  • Liz Blankespoor—for organizing TGIFs 
  • James Pan—for organizing Lakeport’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt
  • Susan Kilcup—for hosting the April TGIF
  • Rich Rosenberg for taking the SCS inspector on his boat so she could do lakeside inspections
  • Barbara Khan and Linda Rosenberg—for coordinating the Lakeport Book Club
  • Carol Leos—for welcoming new residents
  • Owners who responded to the various surveys that we sent out—we value your input!

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