From the Editor

By Stephen Sapp

Photograph courtesy of Karen Mattern
Fall has finally arrived in all its glory (and chill!) after a seemingly unending summer, and it has been a busy time around Lakeport Cluster! Articles in this issue of Ripples provide details on a number of the major happenings in recent months: our long-awaited community dock was completed, and a wonderful party was held to celebrate this milestone; Reston Association completed repaving the Red Loop Trail through our cluster, finishing the stretch past the dock that they had postponed until the end of the construction; new landscaping was installed on both sides of the dock; new bollard lights were recently installed; the worst sections of our streets have been repaved  as an interim measure until full repaving (after milling) is needed in a few years; and the curbs and speed bumps have been repainted, brightening the curb appeal (pun definitely intended!) of our homes.

Enjoy reading more about the above items, plus a number of others (including a recipe for tiramisu for the upcoming holidays). As always, we welcome your comments and responses (

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