Landscape Committee

By Carol Leos

This has been a busy fall/early winter for the Landscape Committee, with the following projects completed (and more to come!):

  1. Triangle Park grass and plants have been enhanced after the path was repaired.
  2. Reston Association has reinforced the ground along the path with soil and seed to protect the path. 
  3. Trees at designated areas have been trimmed to protect residents, homes, and vehicles.
  4. Lakespray Way shrubbery has been continued for a more unified appearance (see the photo at right of 11 new skip laurels planted to shield the view of South Lakes Drive; more plants are scheduled for installation once the weather permits). 
  5. Plants that have died or been removed will be replaced as recommended by our landscape contractor.

Anyone who is interested in the care of our landscape is welcome to join the Landscape Committee. Also, if you have suggestions for needed landscape maintenance and/or enhancements, please communicate them to Landscape Committee chair Carol Leos at

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