Social Committee

By Diane Zoukis

The holiday lights are down, snow has covered the ground, and many of us are thinking of hibernating for the winter. As we reflect on the last few months, I want to recap some of the events that took place in the Lakeport community and look ahead to 2019!

We had an inaugural Halloween event where neighbors gathered outdoors around fire pits, some adults even donning costumes, to hand out treats to our youngest community members. One resident who participated provided this report: “Our end of the cluster had a fantastic time. We had four families come out with most in costume. We had a fire pit, tables with buckets of candy, a circle of chairs, a lighted ‘orb’ that kids had to touch before getting candy, and scary Halloween sounds playing. We estimated being visited by about 30 kids who I think loved the setup. It was a great social event among neighbors and everyone involved really enjoyed it. I think we created a new Halloween tradition and some advocated having more of these types of block parties.”

A holiday progressive dinner was held in the west end of our neighborhood that brought five families together to enjoy appetizers, main course, and dessert at rotating homes. We rounded out the evening singing Christmas carols around the piano beautifully played by Rich Rosenberg. In 2019, with advance planning, we hope to build on these events to include greater community participation.

It’s hard to imagine now, but spring is not that far off, and a community Block Party is already being planned. In addition, we intend to continue the traditional TGIF gatherings. If you are willing to host a TGIF by providing the venue (with guests asked to bring wine, beer, and/or an appetizer), if you’d like to join the Social Committee or organize the Annual Lakeport Easter Egg Hunt, or if you want to help with community events in any way, contact Diane Zoukis at

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