Alerts and Reminders

Annual Meeting: Lakeport’s Annual Owners Meeting will be held Wednesday, September 25, at the Reston Association Headquarters Conference Center, 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive. Please mark your calendars now and plan to attend. The meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. (registration will open at 6:30). A formal announcement and proxy will be sent via US mail and email.

Violation Letters: If you received a violation letter in June and haven’t provided the status of your projects to the Board, please email with an update. Also send an email when the project is complete so we can notify SCS to abate the violation in their database.

Lake Thoreau End-of-Summer Party: Boat owners, save September 15th for the boat party on the lake (a bit later this year to avoid conflict with the Reston Triathlon). Turtle Recall will be back!!!

New SCS Property Manager for Lakeport: We have a new portfolio manager at Select Community Services (SCS), our property management company. Her name is Alexandra Long but she prefers to be called Ali. If you have a question for SCS, please contact Ali via email ( or call her at 703-230-8725. For Ali’s complete contact information, see the article titled “Lakeport Board, Committees, and SCS Contact.”

Questions for the Management Company: If you have a question about inspections, we ask that you start with the Lakeport Board ( because we are apt to be more aware of your property and it saves a $10 charge for each phone call or email related to inspections. For questions about quarterly assessments or other questions for Select Community Services (SCS), contact Ali.

Never Again Be Late Paying Your Quarterly Assessment: Please consider paying your quarterly assessments by automatic debit through your bank instead of sending a check or paying online (which incurs an extra fee). If you decide to switch to automatic debit, it means that you never have to worry about incurring late fees because you might forget to make the payment (currently $25 a month for every 30 days the payment is late). In addition, you save the Board time spent reminding people who haven’t paid shortly before the end of the month, as well as extra costs to the Association for processing and mailing quarterly statements (we currently pay $800 a year to have these statements sent to owners who do not have direct debit). You can cancel the arrangement at any time. To take advantage of this convenient way to pay your Lakeport assessment fees, follow the instructions for filling out and mailing the form at If you want to save the Cluster the cost of mailing you a statement but not set up a direct debit, you can make sure your payment arrives to SCS before the statements are mailed.

Update Your Contact Information: Please go to the Lakeport Directory ( and check the contact information listed there for you. If a correction is needed, either send an email to or fill out the form at If your home has renters, please also ask them to fill out the form. Remember that if you need to contact a neighbor or just forget someone’s name, you can always check this directory.

Drive Slowly: Children are out of school for another month and will be out playing on sidewalks and in the streets. Please remember to drive slowly and keep your eyes out for children (and other pedestrians) in the street.

Reston Farmers Market Open Until December 7: The Fairfax County Farmers Markets provide access to locally grown foods to improve the health of Fairfax County citizens, support local food producers, and protect the environment. Farmers and producers all come from within a 125-mile radius of Fairfax County and must grow or make what they sell themselves. The Reston Farmer’s Market located next to the plaza at the Lake Anne Village Center (1609 Washington Plaza N, Reston), is open on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to noon. For more information, see

Help Keep Our Community Clean and Beautiful: Please contribute to the appearance of our community by picking up trash anywhere you see it while you’re out walking and enjoying summer and early fall in Lakeport. Also, if you notice overflowing trash from the trash can in Triangle Park or the one at South Lakes Village, please take a photo and forward it to the Board so we can pass it on to Reston Association or the South Lakes Village management company.

Dog Waste: If you see a dog walker who fails to pick up the dog’s waste, please remind the person that doggie bags are available at two stations on the walking path in Lakeport and another on Lakespray Way.

Geese: We are experiencing problems with goose poop on our dock. Please don’t feed the geese (not only does that attract them, but it’s not healthy for them), but do feel free to shoo them off the dock (just be sure not to harm them or allow them to attack you—we just want to make their time on our dock unpleasant enough that they will choose to hang out somewhere else!). Thanks.

Regular Trash Collection: If your trash or recycling is not picked up by 2:00 p.m. on a scheduled collection day, please call ADS at 703-388-0500 (also imprinted on the outside of your trash bin if you forget the number).

Help Improve Lighting in Lakeport: A well-lit community is one of the most basic measures we can take to ensure the safety of our residents and the security of our property. One way to further the goal of safe lighting is for residents to leave their lights on at night, especially those in end units with short pole lights, which according to long-time Lakeport residents used to be standard practice. This is of course voluntary, but doing this small thing would be a gracious contribution to the overall safety and attractiveness of our community.

Report Suspicious Activity. If you see suspicious activity, don’t confront anybody but instead call the Fairfax County Police non-emergency number, 703-691-2131 (use this number also to report vandalism or another crime that has already occurred). The police request that even if you just have a “gut feeling” something is wrong, you notify them with as many details as possible. It is helpful if you can also take photos unobtrusively. Police will be dispatched (or you may be able to provide a report over the phone). Also notify Lakeport’s Neighborhood Watch coordinator Chuck Foster at Please pay special attention to suspicious activity or sounds near the Lakeport dock, in the woods, or at night.

Group Projects: If you will be undertaking a major repair (e.g., new roof, new windows, siding replacement with HardiePlank, or resurfacing/sealing your driveway) and would be interested in investigating the possibility of a group rate from a contractor for multiple houses at the same time, let the Board know and we’ll share names of others doing similar work. For instance, two Lakeport owners received a discount for having their roofs done at the same time, and two others had HardiePlank installed at a discounted rate. In addition, we know of three owners who are investigating having work done on their driveways.

You Must Replace Any Tree You Remove. If you recently removed a tree (dead or alive) on your property, remember that RA requires that you replace it with another tree. Reston Association has several resources for finding a replacement tree: See the list of recommended small trees at,RecreationEvents/NatureEnvironmentalResources/EnvironmentalResources/RecommendedTrees/tabid/571/Default.aspx. In addition, you might want to review and,RecreationEvents/NatureEnvironmentalResources/NaturalResources/TreesinReston/TreesShrubGuidelines/tabid/569/Default.aspx

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