Resources for Aging in Place

By Kevin Burke 

As Lakeport residents age, the home and community requirements are often different from what they were. Even simple tasks, like getting to the doctor’s office or cleaning the gutters, can become more challenging. Exercise and diet can change. Companions and recreational opportunities may seem more limited. Ripples plans to include occasional articles about strategies for successfully aging in place here in Lakeport. As an initial offering, here are some local on-line web sites that might be of interest:

Fairfax County
The county is home to many older adults (ages 50 and over). In conjunction with the county's 50+ Community Action Plan, county agencies are transforming the programs, resources, and services offered to meet the needs of a far more active, engaged ,and mobile older adult population. The County government’s programs for older adults offer opportunities for older adults of all ages and abilities to remain active—physically, intellectually, creatively, and socially—within their community. 

“Reston for a Lifetime” is a group of concerned citizens and organizations seeking to understand the needs and perceptions of Restonians and to help create solutions aimed at making Reston a great place for people of all ages and abilities:

Reston Association has a project, “Reston for Better Aging,” which offers information on organizations in the Reston area that provide services and support to enable aging in place:

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