Social Committee

By Diane Zoukis

Summer calls for cool beverages by the pool or on the lake, the smell of good food being cooked on hot grills, kids having fun laughing, and the melody you can hear from a mile away indicating the ice cream truck is on its way!

On July 26 Kay Quam and Jo Leir hosted a TGIF that was attended by 16-18 Lakeport residents, and a great time was had by all. If you would like to host such a gathering, please let me know at You can provide as much or as little as you want to! 

I'm planning to organize a fall Block Party to gather residents old and new in our great neighborhood. Details will follow. I will pick a date and hope it works for most. There is a great deal of planning for such an event, and if you'd like to assist and/or have some ideas, please let me know at the address above. 

Be safe and enjoy the rest of your summer!!!   

See you around the neighborhood!

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