The fall TGIF moved up the hill to Lakespray Way and was yet another great success. As you can see from these photos, residents had a good time visiting and enjoying a great spread of appetizers (Henryk Gorski has kindly shared the recipe for his popular Butternut Squash Tart—see the Ripples Recipe if you want to try it out yourself).

The Winter TGIF will be held on December 13 at 1919 Lakeport Way (home of Mary and Stephen Sapp), starting at 7:00 p.m. Please bring an appetizer or your favorite beverage and plan to join your neighbors to ring in the holidays. A host home for Lakeport’s spring TGIF has already been identified (Bill Smith and Valerie Vandermeer at 1967 Lakeport Way), and the date will be announced next spring.

If you are willing to host our summer TGIF, please contact Diane Zoukis at Hosting means you provide the venue; glasses, plates, napkins, and utensils (though usually people bring “finger food”); one of the appetizers (guests bring the rest of the food); and a bottle or two of wine (guests will bring more, along with other drinks of their choice). It’s always easier to host a party when the guests provide most of the food and drink 😊.

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