Thanks to Our Volunteers

Please take time to thank your neighbors for their efforts to make Lakeport a better place for all of us to live. If you want to volunteer, let the Board or a committee chair know—it’s a great way to get to know people and contribute to your community.

  •  Those who serve on the front line of our community’s battle with Covid-19
  • Those who practice safe distancing and wear masks to keep us all physically well, and those who also perform random acts of kindness or just smile and say hello to others they encounter while they’re outside (even if they don’t know them) to help compensate for our loss of social interactions 

Landscape Projects

  • Gail Pitches and Melanie Clement – co-chairs of the Landscape Committee
  • Melanie Clement – for noticing and photographing County equipment on the Lakeport hill next to the RA trail between Sunrise Valley Drive and the pool, which damaged the small trees and bushes there and allowed invasive pokeweed to take over; the County has offered to plant replacement landscaping
  • Melanie Clement – for removing scores of pokeweed plants on the Lakeport hill and for trimming branches to open up an oak across from 1909 Lakeport Way
  • Marilyn Bursch – for agreeing to weed and water our new raingarden and conservation landscaping
  • Steve Jones and Don Nagley – for helping to water the new rain garden and conservation landscaping
  • Paul Renard – for donating a long hose for the watering
  • Anonymous owner for cutting down a half dozen dead trees near to Lakespray Way and saving Lakeport money for arborist to handle 

  • Kelly Driscoll – chair of the Standards Committee

  • Michelle Simoneau – chair of the Social Committee
  • Carol Leos – chair of the Welcome Committee 

  • Paul Renard, Joe Powers, and Andy Powers – for removing the fencing by the shoreline near the dock which had protected the new plants until they were established enough to thrive even with the geese’s depredations
  • Stephen and Mary Sapp – for cleaning out the shed next to 1963
  • Elena Simonenko – for replacing the bulb in the light at entrance
  • Paul Renard – for re-mortaring stones on the wall in Triangle Park
  • Paul Renard – for cleaning all the mailboxes and some of the signs
  • Annabelle Hammer, Jonathan Hammer, and Paul Renard – for keeping our dock clean
  • Annabelle Hammer – for restocking doggie-bag stations

  • Barbara Khan – for overseeing updates to Lakeport Handbook approved by the Board at its May 2020 meeting
  • Barbara Khan – for reviewing Lakeport bylaws and drafting amendments and the ballot sent to owners in early August
  • Barbara Khan – for continuing to work with Tom Barnett to keep the Lakeport web site up to date
  • Barbara Khan – for representing Lakeport during meetings to discuss renovations for Lake Thoreau Pool
  • Kevin Burke for monitoring County construction projects
  • Chuck Foster – for chairing the Neighborhood Watch Committee 
  • James Pan – for chairing the Disaster Preparedness Committee and helping develop the disaster preparedness documents on the Lakeport web site
  • Barbara Khan – for coordinating the Lakeport Book Club
  • Tom Barnett – for maintaining Lakeport’s online directory and listserv for announcements and posting Ripples
  • Stephen Sapp – for editing Ripples

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