Amendments to Bylaws

By Barbara Khan

Last August, 60 of Lakeport’s 82 owners returned ballots to vote on six proposed changes to Lakeport’s Bylaws. All of them passed, and the current version is posted at

In case you missed it, here are the results:

AMENDMENT 1 - Allow annual meetings and special meetings of owners to be held electronically instead of in person.

Yes=57, No=3  

AMENDMENT 2 - Allow Board meetings to be held electronically instead of in person during a state of emergency.

Yes=59, No=1

AMENDMENT 3 - Authorize the Board to conduct external home inspections, a standard practice of most Reston HOAs.

Yes=44, No=16  

AMENDMENT 4 - Add duties for the Board president (to serve as spokesperson) and the Board secretary (to maintain records).

Yes=56, No=4  

AMENDMENT 5 - Delete paragraph that had prohibited owners who do not live in Lakeport from voting at Annual and Special meetings of owners.

Yes=42, No=17, Abstain=1  

AMENDMENT 6 - Amend various sections to make stylistic and minor changes to text.

Yes=57, No=3

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