New RA Services: Paint Discount and Covenants Portal

Reston Association recently announced new services for members that should be of interest to Lakeport owners and residents. 

RA has entered into a partnership with Sherwin-Williams and arranged for a discount of 30% to 40% off paints and stains and 15% off paint supplies at Sherwin-Williams store #3385 located at 495A Elden Street in Herndon (703-471-1484). If you are interested, contact the Board to get the Lakeport-specific code to present to get the discount. 

In addition, RA recently launched a Covenants Portal that has a record of all communications from RA relating to resale inspections and DRB approvals for your home. It also allows you to see the status of current DRB requests. To create an account, go to and enter “Lakeport” as your association. If you have any questions or issues or encounter a bug in the new system, contact Meagan Micozzi ( or Vern James ( 

RA has also created a website where you can find current cluster standards for each HOA. Lakeport standards are supposed to be available by the end of the year. 

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