Fairfax County Covid-19 Vaccine and Registration Data Dashboard

On Friday, Fairfax County launched a COVID-19 Vaccine and Registration Data Dashboard at https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/health/novel-coronavirus/vaccine/data. The dashboard indicates the registration date of those for whom the county is now making appointments (currently some of the 41,758 who registered on January 18, the day registration opened for those 65+, are getting shots, including several Lakeport residents who registered that morning), the total registered and number on the waitlist, weekly and total doses received and administered, the link to register, the link to verify you are registered, and information about who is eligible. 

Two pieces of advice: 1) check your email regularly since slots fill up quickly; 2) if you pre-registered but don’t yet have an appointment, click on the link on this website to verify that you are registered, especially if you did not receive a verification email (a Lakeport owner registered on January 18, but when she checked the link they didn’t show her registered on that date).  

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