Landscape Committee Projects

The end of 2020 saw the installation by Meadows Farms of several new trees required by Reston Association as replacements for trees that were removed: two native flowering snowcloud serviceberry trees on either side of the Triangle Park parking area to replace the Bradford pears removed earlier (see photo on the right); an emerald green arborvitae on Sunrise Valley to replace the dying cypress removed there (see photo on the left); and a new crepe myrtle across the RA path from the Safeway wall.

The median across the RA path from the Safeway brick wall now has a new Helleri holly hedge to replace the hedge removed two years ago because of canker (see photo on the right), thanks to Riverbend Landscapes, who also added six junipers across from the dock to replace junipers lost when the new dock was built and to retain soil that was running across the RA path.

As you have probably noticed, extensions of the existing fences along Sunrise Valley were completed by Carter Fence in January. This project, requested by several owners, should reduce noise from the road and provide a barrier between the busy traffic on Sunrise Valley Drive and the wooded area to the east of the entrance, where Lakeport children sometimes play. 

The natural area on the hill to the right of the RA path leading from Sunrise Valley Drive to the
Lake Thoreau pool was restored using plants native to Virginia, including an American holly, redbud, witch hazel, five beauty berries, three chokeberries, three iteas, five smaller mountain mists, and three Christmas ferns. This project was completely paid for by a contractor for Fairfax County who had damaged this section of Lakeport Cluster property when the equipment used to install the sidewalk on Sunrise Valley Drive was parked there. Now that we have our own “arboretum” of native plants, we may decide to plant some of these in other natural areas in Lakeport in the future, as budget permits.

In addition, the Board renewed our landscape maintenance and snow-removal agreement with Blade Runners and approved a Landscape Charter (now available on the website) and a Landscape Manual. 

Five landscape projects are planned for 2021:

  • When we renewed Lakeport’s landscape maintenance contract with Blade Runners, we removed the installation and watering of annuals at our entrance, thereby saving $1,150 each year. Plans are being finalized for low-maintenance perennials at the entrance that will provide year-round color and interest. 

  • You may have observed that dirt tends to wash into the parking area next to Triangle Park. To mitigate this erosion, spreading liriope spicata will soon be planted in the narrow strip of ground where grass has died between the RA path and the parking area.

  • The Kids’ Garden in Triangle Park will start taking shape this year, using a design being developed by Lakeport’s children and taking advantage of donations of time, material, and plants from several Lakeport owners.

  • Ongoing tree work will continue.

  • A workday will be scheduled to clear away remains of dead trees cut down by Rich Shelton (thanks, Rich!) so Blade Runners can haul them away, plus doing other projects.

Landscape Committee co-chairs Melanie Clement and Gail Pitches continue to walk around the community taking notes for future enhancements, identifying hazards, and trimming dead branches. If you have suggestions, please let them know by emailing Melanie Clement at

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