Results of Survey about Lakeport

In January, the Board sent a survey to the Lakeport Community so we could better understand how owners feel about Lakeport. Not surprisingly, in response to the questions about what they enjoyed/valued the most or mentioned when describing Lakeport to others, almost every respondent cited something related to our location (Lake Thoreau; proximity to South Lakes Village, Reston Town Center, D.C., and their amenities and entertainment opportunities; RA walking trails). Over half mentioned the beautiful and serene/tranquil setting and/or the attractive architecture of the homes of our immediate neighborhood. 

Over half also mentioned their friendly neighbors and the sense of spirit they experience in Lakeport. And the social events were popular, especially the TGIFs, the dock party, and Halloween. Here are some of the comments shared in the survey:


  • A great place to live. We also tell our friends we plan to DIE here as well!

  • My staycation. So relaxing.

  • [Like] being on vacation every day

  • It's a wonderful place to live

  • High quality of life

  • A truly special community that is well maintained 

  • The best kept secret in Reston

  • A small townhome community with a wide range of ages in a beautiful setting, with easy access to amenities; I often say, "I'm very happy we ended up living where we do"!

  • Wonderful, friendly community with beautiful views and access to Lake Thoreau

  • The tranquility of the Lake Thoreau views and the well-maintained properties and well-run Lakeport Community HOA

  • Location, architecture, landscaping, lake access, friendly neighbors, excellent Board, broad community spirit, and adjacent to shopping center

  • The community, the proximity to anything we need, and of course the lovely houses.

  • Our location and the overall feel of "family friendly" living, which echoes the larger Reston culture

  • We love the location and our neighbors. We can easily walk to the grocery store, CVS, UPS, Starbucks, dry cleaners, bank--pretty much everything we need we can get without a car. Living on a lake is uplifting and the walk around the lake peaceful and relaxing. Downtown DC … is easily accessible by car or Metro.  Can't imagine a better place to live!

  • We're fortunate to live here - it's a beautiful location and we enjoy interacting with other residents and having access to South Lakes Village, Reston Town Center, and DC

  • It is so close to so many things

  • Light floods into my home—and the morning sun reflects off the townhomes across from mine, and especially colorful evening sunsets reflect off the windows of the townhouses behind me. I walk on Red Loop Trail around the lake almost every day—and frequently sit on benches on our dock to take in the movement of the water.


  • I will also say I have been blessed by my neighbors in Lakeport.  

  • Friendly neighbors who care about the community

  • The community spirit that the current board fosters

  • We have great neighbors who care for and look out for each other 

  • Kind, friendly, and reasonable neighbors

  • Friendly environment

  • Friendly neighbors

  • The friendly, well-kept community

  • My neighbors  

  • Informal encounters with friendly neighbors rates the highest

  • Knowing neighbors well enough to chat when I'm out

  • I enjoy getting together with my friendly neighbors


  • Halloween!!!!!! The events that focused on kids were so great—Halloween, howling at the moon at 8 pm for health care workers, "find a bear", etc.

  • I loved this Halloween. People out in driveways with firepits. Adults as well as children in costume. I walked the neighborhood to see it all. It was festive and yet respecting the virus with our respect for safety.

  • Organized events, such as a dock party or TGIF are enjoyable as well. It's especially cute when we have walk-by birthday greetings for Lakeport kids during COVID.

  • TGIFs. Don't have kids, but love watching events for neighborhood children.

  • I have enjoyed the dock parties and TGIFs. 

  • TGIF, Halloween, Covid fire-pit socials with neighbors

  • TGIF and our small street gatherings during Covid

  • Parties at our end of Lakeport Way, especially during COVID

  • All of them plus work days - I like these Lakeport events because they build a sense of community.

  • I actually enjoy the volunteer days where we can contribute to the maintenance.

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