Street Paving and Concrete Work

At Lakeport’s Annual Meeting last September, owners approved spending up to $156,000 
for repaving Lakeport’s two streets and making any needed repairs to concrete areas. Last month the Board selected Brothers Paving & Concrete Corporation from among three proposals submitted. The project will end up well under budget, although the exact cost will depend upon what repairs are ultimately needed. 
Phase One of the project, which included repairs to six sections of sidewalk, seven driveway-apron sections, and 25 feet of curb and gutter pans, was done on April 15. These areas were selected because they posed tripping hazards or had major damage.  Phase Two of the project, the repaving, will be done the week of May 17 (the delay is to let the new concrete cure enough for heavy machinery to drive on). 

The upcoming repaving and related painting of curbs, speed bumps, and parking spaces will improve the appearance of the neighborhood, but it will also inconvenience all of us. While streets are closed for repaving, residents, contractors, service providers (including delivery services, mail, and garbage), guests, and others will not be able to drive on our streets or walk on the RA path (which crosses our streets in two places). Emergency vehicles will be able to access homes if needed.

We will send email communications and put up signs when the time comes, but we will need the cooperation of all residents, including parking your car outside Lakeport while streets are closed if you expect to use it. Here is information to help you plan:
  • Brothers plans to do asphalt repaving the week of May 17, weather permitting. Paving of owner driveways will take place Monday, May 17, and streets will be started once driveways are complete. 
  • IMPORTANT: Contractors, deliveries, and other outside visitors should not be scheduled the week of May 17 (and it would be safer not to schedule them at the beginning of the following week either in case of a rain delay). Mail will be held at the post office for pick up there or delivered once streets are open again. Garbage and recycling will also be curtailed.
  • Once milling and paving of the streets start, vehicle access to homes will be restricted. Prior to commencement of paving, owners should move any cars they might need to use to offsite parking, and all vehicles must be moved from common parking spaces by 6:30 a.m. or they will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • The Board will investigate alternative parking arrangements because owners must park outside of Lakeport if they want to use their vehicles while street paving is being done. 
  • Brothers anticipates street work will take two days. They will start street paving on Lakespray, then move to the south end of Lakeport, before working their way from there toward the entrance. To speed up return of residents’ access, stripers will be onsite in the afternoon each day to paint the areas that have been paved that day. 
  • The RA walking path, which crosses our streets, will also need to be closed while asphalt work is being done. 
  • Owners will be able to start driving on Lakeport streets once asphalt has dried and parking stripes and speed bumps have been painted. Brothers will put out cones to block areas that are closed and have a flagman to direct traffic.
  • If you are having your driveway repaved, please plan to give a check for the contracted amount to Brothers on Monday, May 17. Any questions about the driveway process should be directed to Abdul Salamkhail
  • The Board will send reminder announcements and share additional details as we get closer to the project. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

The completion of this repaving project, which along with the dock is one of Lakeport’s only two large capital projects, will bring about a lull in projects funded by reserve funds. In the last five years, we spent reserve funds to replace the dock (for engineer’s plans, reviews of proposals by attorneys, and construction), and we also repaired the bulkhead next to the short leg of the dock. In addition, we installed biologs and landscaping where a section of the old dock was removed to mitigate soil erosion there and along the shoreline of the natural area to the right of the dock, and we added some landscaping on the hill down to the dock next to the RA path. We also used reserve funds for the following: replaced all the bollard lights beside the path (and added two more lights on the north end for safety), replaced two timber retaining walls, arranged for interim paving in 2018 to flatten three areas where tree roots had caused tripping hazards, and commissioned the required five-year update of our reserve study. Because of this work, the good news is that nothing is scheduled in the reserve study for next year or for 2024, and the only project scheduled for 2023 is replacing the sign and lights in the entrance.

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