Lakeport Kids' Garden from Start to Finish

Melanie Clement's Design

Building and painting the Little Free Library to hold kids' books 

Prep Day to rototill ground, transplant, clean river rock, and install new boulders, herb garden walls, and base for Little Free Library

Planting Day to install library, put down donated soil and mulch, dig holes, and plant donated flowers and herbs.

Planting a variety of donated herbs in the raised box herb garden for kids (only) to enjoy

Celebration Day, with recognition of Kids' Garden team leaders (Melanie Clement, Gail Pitches, Heidi Warrington, and Rich Shelton), awarding of Lakeport Ranger badges, a remembrance by Don Nagley of his wife (in whose memory the Little Free Library was built), putting donated books in the library, and ice cream cones.

The final product for all to enjoy

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