Social Committee

Halloween was another big hit this year and created a needed lift after Covid-induced isolation. It started with creative pre-Halloween decorations.

Then, on October 30, Tiffany and Adam Wilczewski hosted a Pre-Halloween Hot Dog Happening…

…that included a pumpkin-carving contest, with prizes (it was hard to choose the best).

Trick or treating on Halloween began with a parade of costumed kids and adults at the dock…

 … and went into the night as neighbors gathered around five Lakeport fire pits. 

Earlier in the fall, the final Lake Thoreau Concert of the season took place from the lake side of the home of new Lakeport president Chuck Foster, featuring  “Close Enough," a band that includes Chuck. Lakeport residents, as well others from neighboring communities aroud Lake Thoreau, enjoyed the music into the evening. 

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