Neighborhood Watch

By James Pan

Self-Locking Exterior Doorknobs

When you are trying to sleep at night or when you have left your home, do you wonder if you remembered to lock all your doors and whether your house is secure? You may want to consider installing self-locking doorknobs on all exterior doors. Self-locking doorknobs not only increase the security of your home (and thus your peace of mind), but they also have the added benefit of allowing you to go keyless so you have less to carry around with you.  

Search on Amazon for “self-locking exterior doorknob with keypad” or visit Home Depot or Lowe’s and peruse their selections. Look for something like this:

You can expect to pay around $60 if you install the doorknob yourself. Before choosing the one you want, make sure YouTube has a video on how to install it.

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