Neighborhood Watch

By James Pan

Although summer is winding down, many people are still traveling; so here are some security tips for when you are out of your home:

  1. Alert your neighbors that you’ll be gone and ask them to keep an eye on your home and pick up any deliveries that show up at your front door.

  2. If you are expecting a delivery from FedEx or UPS, set up tracking and let your neighbor know when you get a notice that it has been delivered.

  3. Do not post on social media about your trip while you are out of town. Wait to post photos until you’re back home.

  4. Do not leave a spare key in an obvious location (like under the welcome mat). Consider instead a spare key lockbox or alternatively a keypad door lock.

  5. Consider getting a video doorbell or an indoor and outdoor camera system

  6. Consider getting a system to control the timing of your lights such as smart light bulbs, smart plugs, or a more comprehensive smart system. Having lights turn on and off while you’re away will make your home appear occupied

  7. Turn off water into your home so you don’t come back to a flooded home.

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