Thanks to Our Volunteers

C:\Users\msapp\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\A7098EC7.tmpPlease be sure to express your appreciation to your neighbors for their efforts to make Lakeport a better place for all of us to live. And if you want to volunteer, let the Board or a committee chair know—it’s a great way to meet your neighbors and to contribute to your community.

Landscape Projects 

  • Mary Sapp, Steven Browning, Don Nagley, and Elizabeth Pan – serving on the Landscape Committee 

  • Mary Sapp – handling project management and RA interface for storm water mitigation  

  • Marilyn Bursch and Don Nagley – maintaining Lakeport’s rain garden and conservation landscaping by weeding, spreading 8 bags of mulch and pond stones, cleaning pop-ups that empty water from downspouts, checking observation ports in the rain garden, and purchasing mulch and pond stones

  • Don Nagley, Rosemary Welch, and Stephen and Mary Sapp – transplanting tiger lilies from beside the Lake Thoreau Pool to four areas across the RA path from the dock and on the hill next to the entrance parking 

  • Mary and Stephen Sapp, Gill Blankespoor, Steven Browning, Rosemary Welch, and Don Nagley, – spreading mulch from stump grinding on transplanted lilies, next to fence by RA path to South Lakes Village dock, and on the row of bushes across from 1985-1999. 

  • Marilyn Bursch, Clarence Delaine, Henryk Gorski, Pete Hatfield, Bonnie and Mary Coogan, Carol Leos, Paul Renard, Mary and Stephen Sapp, Rosemary Welch, Don Nagley, Jonathan Hammer, Jerry Beiter, and Jeff and Heidi Warrington – watering ferns, azaleas, liriope, Lakespray hedge, roses, juniper, entrance plants, holly bushes, and lilies

  • Don Nagley – weeding and sprucing up Kid’s Garden and picking up debris around Triangle Park


  • Shelby Friedel – chairing Social Committee 

  • Carol Leos – welcoming new residents


  • Paul Renard – chairing the Maintenance Committee 

  • Chuck Foster, Henryk Gorski, Jonathan Hammer, and Paul Renard – cleaning up paint spill on Lakeport Way

  • Jen Walter – cleaning up the common dock on July 5

  • Paul Renard – keeping our dock clean

  • Kevin Burke and Steven Browning – restocking doggie-bag stations


  • Barbara Khan – coordinating the Lakeport Book Club 

  • James Pan – chairing Neighborhood Watch

  • Tom Barnett – maintaining Lakeport’s online directory and listserv for announcements and posting Ripples

  • Stephen Sapp – editing Ripples

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