Maintenance Committee

By Paul Renard

The Maintenance Committee has mostly been busy with administration over the past weeks. We have supervised the repair of the bollard lights that were burning out and made fixes to the photo cells that were keeping lights on around the clock. We still have a few street lights that need repair, and we are working on a budget to have the incandescent ballasts replaced with LEDs (cheaper to fix and longer lasting) as the ballasts stop working. 

We are finishing up negotiations with Brothers Paving to have the cracks fixed that have appeared in our streets since repaving a couple of years ago. We will let you know when we have a repair date, but the sealing should not create any traffic issues.

We just received an estimate for the every-three-year resealing of the dock planking to extend its life and are planning to have that done once the lake gets a little warmer (since the workers have to be in the water to use their clever “no sealant polluting the lake” process that they invented for us last time).

Otherwise, Spring is coming – with the annual anticipated fixes to the walkway railings around the neighborhood and our annual survey of other repairs to consider.

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