From the Editor

By Stephen Sapp

Once again spring has come to Lakeport, with all the beauty that this season of rebirth and new growth brings with it. Although the weather has been somewhat erratic, it feels great to be able to open up our houses and enjoy some fresh air between the “closed” heating and air-conditioning seasons (saving a little bit on our electric bills at the same time!). And as the picture accompanying our Table of Contents shows, we do not even have to journey downtown to the Tidal Basin to appreciate cherry blossoms!

As we now increasingly move our lives outside, let’s take advantage of the opportunity this affords us to interact with our great neighbors in Lakeport, greeting those we know and meeting those we have not yet had the opportunity to get to know. The upcoming “I Love Lakeport” dock party on May 6 is an excellent way to share some time with other Lakeport residents and enjoy Lake Thoreau. As I have said consistently throughout my “From the Editor” messages for the past six years, in addition to the beauty of both the natural and the built environment of Lakeport, it is the friendliness of our residents and the sense of community it engenders that make our cluster such a wonderful place to live.

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