Maintenance Committee

By Paul Renard

This has been a busy Spring for the Maintenance Committee!

  • If you are walking in the neighborhood at night, you may notice that all the bollards and post lamps are working again. We have replaced all bollard bulbs and shifted the post lamps from incandescent to LED fixtures, which cost no more than the already needed maintenance on most of the lamps and will save the community money over time, definitely a win-win.  
  • The pipe railings along the path next to 1925 Lakeport have been sanded, spot-primed, and spot-painted to add one more year of life to the ancient paint that succumbs to rust spots/streaks/encrustations each winter. Some work still needs to be done on the unseen sections of the posts and the short section near Triangle Park, but we hope to have that finished soon. If you are wondering what we use to spot-paint the railings, it is Rustoleum Rust Killer primer in black after scraping and thorough sanding, and then Rustoleum Ivory Silk for the cover coat (both are usually available at Home Depot). Although Ivory Silk is not a perfect match with the community color palettes, it is close enough to let you get rid of the rust on your railings while you put together your plan and budget to paint the entire railing in the future. 
  • We also arranged for Brothers Paving to seal the cracks that appeared in our streets post-paving a few years ago, and at zero cost to Lakeport.  
  • Several neighbors have offered to wash the shared mailboxes soon. If you are so moved, Windex and some paper towels work well—no need to ask, just clean them up!

That’s all for now from the Maintenance Committee—the people who fix things and save you money!

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