Maintenance Committee

By Paul Renard

Some people think the geese are a nuisance. Others think they’re cute. Regardless, we can all probably agree that they make a big mess on our dock. We’ve considered a variety of ways to scare them away but have not found anything feasible — which means that the Hammers and Renards have been doing goose-poop cleaning duty for years.

I would like to invite the rest of the community to share in the “fun.” If you arrive at a filthy dock, please get the green broom that is on the lower patio at 1925 Lakeport, sweep the poop into the water (in no way lowering water quality), and replace the broom where you found it.

“It takes a village to clean up after a bunch of foul fowls” is not a great rallying cry, but in this case it is true. Thanks for helping to take responsibility for our common property!

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