Landscape Committee

By Mary Sapp, Chair

New Landscaping 

This past summer, Meadows Farms planted a red-twig dogwood, three American callicarpa beautyberries, three caramel heucheras, six sylvan lace tiarellas, and six Pennsylvania sedges in a raised bed created in Triangle Park, as well as three hummingbird clethras and five Christmas ferns in the other new raised bed. This new landscaping is to replace grass that, despite hydroseeding, has never thrived there due to the shade. 

Meadows Farms also installed three iteas behind a rock wall built last summer between 1930 and 1932 Lakeport Way to beautify that area and block the view from the sidewalk of the transformer. 

We enhanced screening between Lakeport and Lakespray homes with the addition of three American hollies near the Safeway access road and a new red maple near them. In addition, a sweet bay magnolia tree and three inkberry bushes were planted at the end of Lakespray Way. Two junipers were also added to fill in gaps near the dock.

Volunteer Projects

As part of the Fall I Love Lakeport Day, 18 volunteers cut down around ten trees and trimmed others, transplanted a number of plants, and did a great deal of weeding (in the rain garden, next to the RA path to the pool, and next to the RA path near Triangle Park). In addition, the Landscape Committee has done supplemental weeding, treated poison ivy, fertilized hollies, and moved brush to block access from the Sunrise Valley sidewalk into the wooded area next to Lakespray. In addition, a number of volunteers have watered new plants to make sure they become established and survive the drought we are currently experiencing. 

See the “Thanks to Volunteers” article for the names of your neighbors whose volunteer efforts save thousands of dollars and keep your assessment fees lower. 

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