Thanks to Our Volunteers

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Please be sure to thank your neighbors for their efforts to make Lakeport a better place for all of us to live and to save the HOA money. If you want to volunteer, let the Board or a committee chair know—it’s a great way to get to meet your neighbors and to contribute to your community.

Landscape Projects

Committee Work 

  • Mary Sapp (chair), Steven Browning, Marjorie Myers, Don Nagley, Elizabeth Pan, Rosemary Welch – serving on the Landscape Committee
  • Jeannette Malin-Berdel – serving as Board liaison to the Landscape Committee this past year
  • Steven Browning – hosting tea for Landscape Committee to discuss proposals
  • Jeannette Malin-Berdel and Mary Sapp – drafted RFP for landscape maintenance
  • Mary and Stephen Sapp – re-treating poison ivy near three trees where the RA path goes downhill from the sidewalk to the pool, and behind the back fences of 11118-11120 Lakespray
  • Steven Browning and Don Nagley – hauling brush to block access from Sunrise Valley sidewalk to transformer in woods 
  • Steven Browning, Marjorie Myers, Elizabeth Pan, Mary and Stephen Sapp – fertilizing 6 hollies
  • Rosemary Welch - transplanting junipers by dock

Lakeport’s Fall Workday 

  • Rich Shelton, assisted by Pete Hatfield and Stephen Sapp – cutting down around 10 dead trees and trimming branches
  • Dave Fleming – removing volunteer Bradford Pear saplings near Triangle Park 
  • Don and Andy Nagley – transplanting liriopes to Triangle Park, carexes to fill in edge of rain garden, decorative grass to help shield a transformer, and a large yucca from next to the RA path near Triangle Park to make room for a new hydrangea
  • Kristen Bobik, Steven Browning, Matt Callan, Steve and Devika Chase and their two daughters, Robin Kolko, James and Edwin Pan, Stephen and Mary Sapp, Rosemary Welch – weeding next to RA path to pool, in the rain garden, and near Triangle Park


  • Scott Connally, Clarence Delaine, Elizabeth and James Pan – new plants in Triangle Park
  • Don Nagley – transplanted plants
  • Mary and Stephen Sapp and Jeff Warrington – plants at entrance 
  • Ashley, Henry, and Mary Strickland – needle-point hollies near Safeway
  • Alex and Lizzie Driscoll – hollies by Safeway access road
  • Steven Browning and Marjorie Myers –new trees in wooded areas
  • Henryk Gorski – green giant Thuja on Lakespray hill


  • Shelby Friedel – chairing the Social Committee this past year
  • Carol Leos – welcoming new residents

Dock Party

  • Shelby Friedel and Mary Sapp – organizing 
  • Jeannette Malin-Berdel and Joerg Dronia – providing tables and benches 
  • Stephen Sapp and Joe Powers – cooking hamburgers and hot dogs


  • Paul Renard – chairing the Maintenance Committee 
  • Paul Renard, Jonathan Hammer, Stephen Sapp – cleaning goose poop off the dock


  • Rich Rosenberg – chairing the Standards Committee


  • James Pan – chairing Neighborhood Watch
  • Barbara Khan – coordinating the Lakeport Book Club 
  • Tom Barnett – maintaining Lakeport’s online directory and listserv for announcements and posting Ripples
  • Stephen Sapp – editing Ripples

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