Thanks to Our Volunteers

Please be sure to thank your neighbors for their efforts to make Lakeport a better place for all of us to live while also saving the HOA considerable money. If you want to volunteer, let the Board or a committee chair know—it’s a great way to meet your neighbors and contribute to your community.


  • Mary Sapp (chair), Steven Browning, Marjorie Myers, Don Nagley, Elizabeth Pan, Rosemary Welch – serving on the Landscape Committee
  • Peter Stone – removing vines that were killing trees in Lakespray woods
  • Steven Browning and Marjorie Myers–watering new plants on Lakespray Way


  • Sandy Laeser and Diane Zoukis – chairing the Social Committee
  • Carol Leos – welcoming new residents
  • Mary and Stephen Sapp – hosting winter TGIF


  • Paul Renard – chairing the Maintenance Committee 
  • Eva and Ilana Collingham – cleaning goose poop off the dock


  • Rich Rosenberg – chairing the Standards Committee


  • James Pan – chairing Neighborhood Watch
  • Barbara Khan – coordinating the Lakeport Book Club 
  • Tom Barnett – maintaining Lakeport’s online directory and listserv for announcements and posting Ripples
  • Stephen Sapp – editing Ripples

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