HOA Fee Payments

Lakeport Cluster HOA fees are due on the first day of the quarter (January, April, July, and October). If payment is not received by the 30th day following the due date, the account shall be deemed late and charged a late fee plus related administrative charges.

See Appendix A of the Lakeport Cluster Association Handbook and the Table of Current Charges for full details.

Payments can be made in multiple ways (paying by phone is not an option):

1. By Check or your bank’s E-BILL option
  • Receive a quarterly statement via US Mail from property management company
  • Send a check via US Mail to management company address: 
    • Lakeport Cluster Association
    • C/O SCS
    • P.O. Box 61163
    • Phoenix, AZ 85082-1163
  • A late fee plus a related administrative charge will be assessed if you forget.
  • Lakeport will pay around $13 per owner for quarterly mailings.
  • Note: you can save Lakeport the cost of sending quarterly statements if you pay dues as a lump sum in December for the upcoming year. 
  • If your bank supports it, use their electronic bill pay option to set up recurring payments that can be sent automatically.

2. By Direct Debit Payment Service
  • No quarterly statement is sent to you
  • Management company automatically debits your bank account the correct amount during the first week of the applicable quarter
  • No fee from management company for this service. Check with your bank for its policy.
  • No postage charge or potential late fees 
  • No cost to Lakeport
  • Instructions and form to authorize the Direct Debit Payment Service are at:

3. By using SCS’ TownSq app  
  • If you don’t already have an account at https://app.townsq.io/login, create one with an ID and password
  • Log in at TownSq and “Make a Payment” 
  • Cost per payment for this service: $3.00 for online payment plus 3% if you pay by credit card 

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