Reston Association's Headquarters Referendum

This week, you will receive the following Reston Association (RA) Notice of Referendum and Ballot.

Should the Reston Association Board of Directors be authorized to finance and expend, as determined by the Board of Directors, an amount not to exceed $15,000,000 to purchase a commercial office building or condominium space, or interest therein, or, in the alternative, to purchase property and to construct a building thereon for future use as the Association's headquarters?

Controversy: In 2005, RA's Board was authorized to spend $5,000,000 to purchase 20,000 sq. ft., yet the 2009 referendum asks for up to $15,000,000 for 35,000 sq. ft. without providing specifics (buy, lease, build?) nor adequate justification for the increases.

During these tough times, we encourage you to make an informed decision with regards to your RA dues before the April 10, 2009 voting deadline. Please visit the Headquarters Referendum webpage at for updates, information sessions, Q&As, and other points of view.

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