Lakeport Winter Lights Challenge

December is a great month. It is the end of the year and the start of a winter season. The air becomes cooler (OK! a lot colder) and it is a time of celebration for many of us. This last week, the temperature and the wind made it very cold at Lakeport. But as you go through our community, you can not help but get a warm feeling from the Winter Lights on many of out homes. So, we want to offer a challenge! Who in Lakeport will create the best decorated area? A Lakeport homeowner is providing the winning prize.

To select a winner, we ask everyone living at Lakeport to be a judge for this challenge. Here is what we would like you to do. During the period of December 24th to the 31st, please walk through our community in the evening. Make sure that you walk the entire community, all the way from 1907 to 2003 Lakeport Way and all of Lakespray.    Join or create a group and make it an event to see the lights and our beautiful community.  Send an email to with your top three homes.  Please rank them first, second and third.

No homeowner fees will be used for the winning prize and participation is strictly voluntary. If you are putting up lights (for this event) they should be taken down by January 16th. We leave you with this question. Why is it always the coldest day when putting up your lights?

The Lakeport Board

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