2011 Annual Meeting

On Monday night September 26th, Lakeport held their 2011 Annual meeting. Lakeport’s By-laws require 20% of homeowners attend or be represented by proxy for a quorum. We had 31 Lakeport residents attend the meeting and with proxies, 47 homeowners were represented at the meeting. We thank all that attended or provided a proxy.

The presentation will be placed on the Website (www.lakeportcluster.org) under Meeting Minutes. If you have any questions, feel free to email the Board at board@lakeportcluster.org. We want to thank the volunteers for helping with the meeting. They include Terrill Evon at 1928 Lakeport Way for checking in, verifying the quorum and certifying the election results, Marilyn Bursch and Lani Seeley for providing treats and drinks for everyone. Special thanks to the group at Member Services Reston Association. They set up the conference room and provided AV support at no cost to Lakeport.

During the meeting, we announced the Summer Landscaping winners. This summer, residents voted in July and September for the top two landscaped homes. Lakeport had a lot of great competitors and the front of our homes never looked better. We thank everyone for making our community look so great. Plus, thanks to everyone that took the time to vote. Bragging rights go to the winners. We take our hats off to you!

2011 Summer Landscaping Contest

Richard & Trudy Stevens 1928 Lakeport Way

Rob & Tanya Coogan 11118 Lakespray Way

Before the meeting, we held an election for two open Board positions. Board Members are voted to a two year term. One year two positions are open and the next year three positions are open. When possible this allows continuity for the Board. We thank these homeowners for volunteering to run for the Board. We congratulate the two winners.

Marilyn Bursch 1954 Lakeport Way

Dan Kilcup 1917 Lakeport Way

This year, the Board wants to help educate all Lakeport Residents. We will add a fact about Lakeport and/or Reston to all of the Board’s emails. Here’s our first fact.

The surface area of Lake Thoreau is 40 acres

The Lakeport Board

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